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Sign up to become a volunteer today and not only make a difference for yourself but for all the dogs in need.


Caring for a shelter is hard work but so very rewarding! Many activities are needed: Dog Handling/Walking (most of our dogs are BIG & STRONG), Kennel Cleaning (requires bending and standing), Laundry, Grooming, Maintenance, Office, Adoptions, Fundraising, Grant Writing, Outreach and much more!


If you don't mind picking up poop or the smell of it, many sloppy kisses and tons of love, join the amazing team of volunteers by visiting our website at: and complete the online application. Our Volunteer Coordinator will be in contact with you as soon as possible to schedule an orientation.


Adopt-a-Pet is an all-volunteer organization with zero paid staff. Our volunteers keep the shelter going and we need your help today! Do Good, Feel Good!


Shifts are:

Monday- Friday AM (8:30-10:30) & PM (3-5)

Saturday - AM (9-11) & PM (1-3)

Sunday - AM (9-11) & PM (2-4)

**Unfortunately we do not have floater shifts at this time, as it is very important that a schedule is followed for the sake of the dogs and other volunteers.

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