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Please come and help Adopt-A-Pet celebrate 40 years of helping the canine community and their human companions in Mason County.

When: June 30, 2019

Where: 940 E Jensen Rd, Shelton, WA 98584

Time: 10A - 2P


We will have drawings, tours, and treats. Please come and meet our amazing volunteers and share in our pride in the work that we do.


From little steps great strides are made.  Adopt-A-Pet is a wonderful example of how a small group of people can make a great impact. I’m sure that when seven Mason County residents got together to help find homes for unwanted dogs they never imagined how big an impact they would ultimately have.


In 1979, Jan Chunard, Jan Danford, Elivira Fern, Dorothy Hurley, Dr. Doug Larson, Edith Levitt, and Pat Neely - calling themselves the "Looking for a Home" team, built two wooden kennels and a chain link fence in the backyard of a volunteer's home.  The number of abandoned dogs needing a home increased by 1980 and "Looking for a Home" expanded, adding four new kennels and became a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization. In July, 1983, the organization changed its name to ADOPT-A-PET. Our spay/neuter program began in 1985, making it the only one in Mason County at that time.


Our grassroots beginning still guide us in 2019. We continue to be an all volunteer organization completely dependant on donations, grants and gifts. The volunteers who have donated their time, hearts, and energy are the backbone of the organization.


As of 2018 we have helped over 4000 dogs find their furever homes and with our Spay/neuter program we have seen significant drops in unwanted puppies in our community. We have been able to help local families with medical costs to ensure that they are able to keep their dogs with them.


We hope that you will join us to celebrate our past and inspire our future.



Lisa McHenry


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